Why Map Data?

By Caroline Fahmy, President and CEO

Since our company’s inception, our Planware division has used geographic information systems (GIS) to view data. Our GIS software applications and services have helped map school district boundaries and model changes in school attendance areas. Using maps to model changes in the district’s geography (e.g., new streets or subdivisions) or student population (e.g., growth or decline in one or more areas of the district) assists school district planners in making decisions about how to utilize their school facilities more efficiently and, ultimately, better meet students’ needs.

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2018 International Objective Measurement Workshop

By Mark Moulton, Ph.D., Director of Research, Evaluation, and Psychometric Development

I recently returned from the excellent International Objective Measurement Workshop (IOMW) 2018 conference ( in New York City, overlooking the famous Washington Square Park, where I had a chance to present on “objectivity.” IOMW has been around since the early 1980s and is, in my opinion, one of the premier world measurement conferences with a specialty in the Rasch Model. Educational Data Systems (EDS) has been a major sponsor of IOMW for some years and was central in organizing the 2014 (Philadelphia) and 2016 (Washington, DC) conferences. This year’s conference was ably organized by Andy Maul (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Ronli Diakow (NYC Department of Education). I helped organize the software workshops.

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