More than numbers.

Expert Assessment, Research & Evaluation, and Planning Software and Services for Education

We care about each piece of data as if it could affect our own children, ensuring educators have the quality information they need to guide student success. Work with us

Exceptional software and data services for education.


Customized services to assist with student responses for your local or statewide educational assessments

Research & Evaluation

Expert statistical, psychometric, program evaluation, and survey services


ONPASS® Pro attendance boundary mapping software, LocateMySchool Software-as-a-Service, GIS services, and enrollment projection studies

Eddata Attendance Zone Boundary Change Report

OnPass Pro GIS Planning Software

Assessment Management

  • 12.6M students tested
  • 150.2M scanned sheets of paper

Operations requirements of the 2009—10 through 2017—18 California English Language Development Tests


The Student Success Company

Whether we are scanning, scoring, and reporting student responses and assessments, handling documents, backing up files, or managing project schedules—the individuals at Educational Data Systems have a shared vision that our jobs impact real students and their success. This core value is what drives us to work as hard as we do and guides the decisions we make every day. Students are more than numbers; we care about more than numbers.

Sacramento County Office of Education
Santa Clara Office of Education
West Ed
School City
  • 103M constructed-response items scored
  • 30.3M student reports printed

Volume of tests processed in the last nine years


We have been partnering with Educational Data Systems since 2000. We would not have been able to deliver our high quality MAC/MARS performance assessments and reports without them. They have been wonderful at communicating and supporting our member school districts and charter school networks. They continue to innovate and provide high quality data management tools to our work and our members.
David Foster, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative

  • 0% data loss
  • 99.9% network uptime

Reliability of computer networks in last ten years

Planware is a division of Educational Data Systems.