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Coming Soon: ONPASS® Pro Software

We are very excited to announce our new Pro Edition of ONPASS, the next generation of our widely distributed and successful ONPASS boundary planning software. ONPASS Pro is a tool for geospatial planning and analysis—for understanding your school district’s data geospatially and making decisions about the future.

ONPASS (short for Online Pupil Assignment System) was originally developed in the 1960s as a mainframe software program, converted in the 1980s to a PC-based program, and in the 1990s, was modified to run on early Windows and emerging GIS platforms. It was further updated over the years to utilize the newest computers, platforms, and GIS technology. In 2014, we started rebuilding ONPASS from the ground up using ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro¹, the newest and most powerful GIS platform available.

The new ONPASS Pro Edition retains the same functionality as the original ONPASS program—namely, using GIS to gather and view school district data geospatially, examine the current demographic situation of your school district, and simulate the effects of changes.

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“A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates many types of data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. With this unique capability, GIS reveals deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping users make smarter decisions.”


ONPASS is used to simulate:

  • Modifying school attendance boundaries
  • Changing transportation policies
  • Altering inter- and/or intra-district student transfer policies
  • Altering school capacities and utilization
  • Adding new schools
  • Closing schools
  • Altering school grade ranges

It is also used to:

  • Gather and store district demographic data in a geodatabase giving planners a one-stop shop for data
  • Geocode and check the accuracy of student addresses contained in your student information system
  • Overlay external geospatial data such as assessor parcels and census bureau data to provide more powerful analyses
  • Balance enrollments, programs, ethnic diversity, etc. across schools
  • Create maps for presentations, district master plans, and informational brochures

ONPASS Pro will be released in fall 2018! For more information or to preorder the software, please contact our sales team by clicking the Get More Information button above.

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