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Survey Services

Surveys are powerful research tools that can provide compelling information about the survey group. Whether you’re implementing surveys for gathering data to meet accountability requirements or simply to know the opinions and attitudes of your audience for making program improvements, surveys can be an effective means to gather that feedback. Our careful preparation of your survey will ensure its validity and reliability.

We customize our survey services to help you:

  • Write targeted and high quality questions
  • Choose an appropriate sample
  • Establish the length of the survey for the audience and setting
  • Establish an appropriate survey methodology for the project
  • Develop the survey instrument (e.g., paper, online, telephone, focus group, etc.)
  • Print, send out, and collect paper surveys and/or implement other data collection efforts
  • Compile and analyze the data in an accurate and valid manner
  • Establish findings that are supported by the data
  • Prepare reports appropriate for all intended audiences

We begin by carefully listening and learning. We want to know your political realities and work within them. We study your goals in implementing a survey, ascertain what you seek to learn from your audience, and design your survey to encompass both your goals and your constraints. We help establish the best ways of reaching your audience—paper, online, telephone, interview, focus group—and work with you to provide one, some, or all of those options. We will assist you through every step of your survey process, from design to interpretation. We will make the most of your time, your audience’s time, and the data we collect.