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Research and Evaluation Services

Since our company opened its doors, the backbone of our services has been to help school districts collect and look deeper into data to find insights that will further support student success. In many cases the best way to do that is to create and implement a survey, or multiple surveys. In other cases, combining survey data with assessment or other outcome measures in ways that link these data, yields valuable information about your programs.

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Survey Services

Need to research opinions and attitudes, school climate, parent involvement, or implementation levels of your programs? Surveys are an effective tool in gathering this type of information. Turn to our survey services for a complete range of data collection options for your information-gathering and analysis needs.

Program Evaluation Services

Evaluating whether a program is working sounds easy, but to do it right, to really establish whether efforts or resources and outcomes are truly linked, takes planning, valid data, and proven psychometrics to get the job done. Our program evaluation services will help you feel confident that you have the answer, not just any answer, to the question of whether your educational program is working.

Psychometric Services

Psychometrics is the theory or technique of mental measurement. In educational testing, it encompasses the family of methods and mathematical models used to measure student aptitudes and proficiencies. The simple way to record test results is with “raw scores,” or the number and percent of items a student gets correct on a test.