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California English Language Development Test

As the prime contractor to the California Department of Education for the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) since 2009, we manage the printing, distribution, collection, scoring, storage, and secure destruction of over 26,000,000 sheets of paper each year. We also coordinate the work of nine subcontractors that perform such activities as statewide trainings, secure test document printing, item and test form development, and constructed-response item scoring. We designed, developed, and maintain the CELDT website, which includes extensive resources for CELDT District Coordinators and the public. The secure district portal supplies district coordinators with online software applications to print Pre-ID labels, review and correct demographic data, access a secure document archive, download student score files, and request the pickup of test materials for processing. Year-round, we process monthly batches of test materials and produce two copies of the individual student reports for 1.6 million California students. Additional reports include school and district level summaries, subgroup summaries, secure electronic student and group-level data files, and the annual technical report.