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Statewide and Large-Scale Assessments

Educational Data Systems tailors statewide assessments to the needs of our department of education clients to ensure we are flexible in meeting the demands of ever-changing politics, policies, and requirements. Our clients won’t get a canned solution or a mold we try to force you into. With each educational assessment, we provide the care and expertise needed to create a unique assessment project that meets our clients’ needs. We pay attention to the smallest details of every aspect of every complex step of every large scale assessment. From our first step of reviewing your Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements, to our last steps in winding down your successfully completed project—many times separated by several years—we work with you to carefully listen and apply our decades of experience to develop and implement educational assessments that work.

We are a full-service assessment provider with extensive experience in complex project management and subcontractor oversight, test development, high-level psychometrics specializing in Rasch measurement, printing and distribution of test materials, collection and processing, scanning, scoring, and reporting. Our experienced technical, operations, and project management staff will deliver the highest quality assessment services. We’re industry veterans who know what it takes for a statewide assessment to be successful. Our team is always transparent, communicative, and highly detail-oriented. Visit our Assessment Partners page for more information on the statewide assessment services we perform and the assessment partners we have worked with.

California English Language Development Test

As the prime contractor to the California Department of Education for the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) since 2009, we manage the printing, distribution, collection, scoring, storage, and secure destruction of over 26,000,000 sheets of paper each year. We also coordinate the work of nine subcontractors that perform such activities as statewide trainings, secure test document printing, item and test form development, and constructed-response item scoring. We designed, developed, and maintain the CELDT website, which includes extensive resources for CELDT District Coordinators and the public. The secure district portal supplies district coordinators with online software applications to print Pre-ID labels, review and correct demographic data, access a secure document archive, download student score files, and request the pickup of test materials for processing. Year-round, we process monthly batches of test materials and produce two copies of the individual student reports for 1.6 million California students. Additional reports include school and district level summaries, subgroup summaries, secure electronic student and group-level data files, and the annual technical report.

California High School Proficiency Examinations

For our partner, the Sacramento County Office of Education, three times per year since 2003 we have received, checked in, and scanned CHSPE tests for over 10,000 students from over 73 test centers across the state; batched and distributed open-ended Writing tests to scoring centers; and scored multiple-choice examinations in mathematics and English/language arts. We have managed paper test materials and arranged for and supervised secure destruction of testing materials. We are responsible for analyzing the test results and writing the technical report published by the State of California. We developed and maintain the CHSPE program website including the secure district and user portals, electronic test registration, and online payment forms.

Los Angeles Unified School District Physical Fitness Test Processing

For more than a decade, we have contracted with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to process its California Physical Fitness tests. Each year, we have designed and printed a custom scannable data collection form, pre-printed student demographics onto the forms, distributed and collected multiple batches of forms, and processed over 130,000 student tests in three grade levels for over 800 schools. We have scored and reported the physical fitness data and supplied that data in the specialized California Department of Education electronic format for compliance reporting.

Nebraska Statewide Assessment Program

In February 2017, we collaborated with Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) and their purpose of meeting the unique and growing needs in educational assessment and data collection for grades pre-K through 12 in Nebraska. NWEA has over 40 years of experience in providing innovative assessment solutions. Their online assessments and services are used in more than 8,500 schools and districts that serve 9 million students worldwide in grades pre-K through 12. Our partnership has allowed both companies to meet the variety of needs required by state departments of education in large-scale assessments.

On May 8, 2017, the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) awarded NWEA the statewide Reading and Math (grades 3 through 8) and Science (grades 5 and 8) Assessments contract, which will take place from 2017–18 through 2021–22. The assessments include approximately 245 districts and 1,200 schools; include approximately 135,000 students (approximately 5 percent of those students are assessed with paper versions); are comprised of online and paper assessments; and are available in English, Spanish, Braille, and Large-Print versions.

Our role as a subcontractor within the contract is to perform the following tasks as they pertain to Nebraska’s paper-based assessments:

  • Printing test books and ancillary materials
  • Preprinting scannable documents with student demographic information
  • Providing a secure Web-based platform that integrates with NWEA’s platforms, providing a seamless experience for test administrators to manage order materials and track shipments
  • Packing and distributing test materials to school districts
  • Retrieving, counting, and processing all documents
  • Scanning and scoring paper-based assessments
  • Printing and distributing paper reports for all student results
  • Compiling data for technical reporting
  • Providing secure storage and destruction of all paper materials