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Local Assessment Services

Meet accountability requirements and measure and report on student progress with our custom benchmark assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment services.

Our local assessment services include:

  • Assessment design
  • Test form development and multiple forms equating
  • Custom item writing
  • Exam printing and distribution
  • Collection, tracking, and processing
  • Online systems to assist in the management of your assessment programs, including:
    • Online test materials order management
    • Online pre-identification (Pre-ID) file upload and data validation system
    • Online requests for pickup of materials, including automated tracking and reconciliation
    • Online demographic data correction systems
    • Online site coordinator login and authentication system
    • Online data file download and storage systems
  • Scanning and editing of assessment data
  • Psychometric and statistical analysis
  • Customized vertical scaling with EdScale™ our proprietary assessment scaling solution
  • Data reporting, including:
    • Online reports
    • Paper reports
    • Special subgroup breakdowns
    • Customized packaging and delivery to school sites

We work with you to customize the services that will meet your district’s needs. We ensure student privacy and security of tests and items with all of our services. Put your local assessments in the hands of a team that handles every piece of paper and byte of data with the utmost care and expertise.