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Local Assessments

To ensure valid achievement measures, school districts often need assistance in planning and/or implementing their local assessment programs. Whether your—

  • Testing programs include benchmark assessments, formative assessments, or summative assessments
  • Test items are multiple-choice, constructed-response, performance tasks, or a combination of all of the above
  • Reports are for accountability purposes or measures of student achievement
  • District has one school or hundreds of schools

We can help with logistics management, scoring, or reporting to meet your district’s needs. And, we will ensure that your results are timely, valid, and reliable. Meet accountability requirements and measure and report on student progress with our custom benchmark assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment programs.

Benchmark assessments

To be most effective, benchmark testing programs—given in multiple content areas to multiple grade levels multiple times per year—require managing large volumes of paper, classroom and school groupings, accurate processing, and quick turnaround of reports. By partnering with Educational Data Systems you can relieve your district of all of the logistical demands of your paper and pencil Show Morebenchmark tests. For specialized programs, we have solutions that can make the scoring of your items more efficient, valid, and reliable.

Constructed-response and performance assessments

Assessment programs containing constructed-response item types for content areas such as writing, history/social science, mathematics, science, or art, require a system to manage the logistics, as well as the validity and reliability of human scoring of student responses. We utilize online management systems, as well Show Moreas a proprietary image distribution scoring system to give you the best of both worlds: paper-based testing with online management of scoring and reporting. Our systems monitor reading rates and inter-rater reliability so you can be assured the scoring is reliable and your constructed-response and performance assessment results are valid.

Summative Assessments

Your district-wide summative assessments may include a pre-test in the beginning of the school year and a post-test at the end to establish growth, or perhaps a single snapshot to compare with previous school years. Our expertise in developing custom performance assessments will help ensure you are painting a valid picture of what your students can do. Most important, to help analyze how your district’s Show Moreefforts to narrow the achievement gap are paying off, we offer reporting systems that break down your results by student demographic variables such as ethnicity, gender, English learner status, or others important to your district. If your district has assessment programs already in place—or if you are contemplating revamping or replacing your assessments with a customized solution—we can help. Educational Data Systems can assist you from the concept and design of the test, to the processing, to the reporting systems. Fill out the form below to request a no-obligation consultation. Let us know your needs; we’ll get back to you to discuss our recommendations and how we can help.

Local Assessment Services

Meet accountability requirements and measure and report on student progress with our custom benchmark assessment, formative assessment, and summative assessment services.

Our local assessment services include:

  • Assessment design
  • Test form development and multiple forms equating
  • Custom item writing
  • Exam printing and distribution
  • Collection, tracking, and processing
  • Online systems to assist in the management of your assessment programs, including:
    • Online test materials order management
    • Online pre-identification (Pre-ID) file upload and data validation system
    • Online requests for pickup of materials, including automated tracking and reconciliation
    • Online demographic data correction systems
    • Online site coordinator login and authentication system
    • Online data file download and storage systems
  • Scanning and editing of assessment data
  • Psychometric and statistical analysis
  • Customized vertical scaling with EdScale™ our proprietary assessment scaling solution
  • Data reporting, including:
    • Online reports
    • Paper reports
    • Special subgroup breakdowns
    • Customized packaging and delivery to school sites

We work with you to customize the services that will meet your district’s needs. We ensure student privacy and security of tests and items with all of our services. Put your local assessments in the hands of a team that handles every piece of paper and byte of data with the utmost care and expertise.