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A unique assessment management platform for managing and processing data.

Local Assessments


Meet accountability requirements and measure student progress.

Statewide Assessments

Statewide Assessment Services

Take advantage of our statewide and large-scale assessment experience.

Looking for CELDT?

Assessment Service Partners

Help schools improve student outcomes and students achieve success.

Survey Services

Survey Services

Customized education survey services ensure validity and reliability.

Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation Services

Answer the question of whether your educational program is working.

Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Evaluate data to find insights that will further support student success.

Locate My School Educational Planning Software

LocateMySchool™ SaaS

Show parents, students, and school staff the information they need.

Boundary Planning Services

Boundary Planning Services

Leverage our expertise to plan school boundaries and optimize facilities.

GIS Services

GIS Services

Utilize the latest GIS technology to identify trends or answer questions geospatially.

Eddata PlanWare Educational Planning Software


Visualize school district data geospatially to make informed decisions.

Locate My District Educational Planning Software

LocateMyDistrict™ SaaS

Special districts with unique boundaries rely on this web-based mapping service to look up and communicate boundaries, directions, and other information about your district.

Boundary Planning Services

Map Products & Services

Every district needs a digitized, or Geographic Information System (GIS), map of their district’s boundaries!