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Planware, a division of Educational Data Systems, provides school districts with geographic information systems (GIS) attendance boundary mapping software, enrollment projection studies, and GIS services such as geocoding.

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OnPass Pro
GIS-based tools and reports built specifically for school district planning
All new school district GIS software for visualizing school attendance boundaries and for simulating boundary changes that may be needed due to increasing or decreasing enrollment, opening new schools or closing schools, and reconfiguring grade levels in buildings. Create and map scenarios that meet your needs with this easy-to-use software.

Locate My School Educational Planning Software


LocateMySchool Software-as-a-Service
“When school starts in the fall, do I take my kindergartener to School A or School F?” “What high school will my junior high student go to next year?” “Will my child attend the new school that is being built?” These types of questions will be asked thousands of times over the course of a school year. Clarify borders and school coverage with our web-based mapping service. LocateMySchool is a user-friendly online resource that shows parents, students, and school staff the information they need on school assignments and locations by enabling them to identify specific school assignments for any street address in the community.

OnPass Pro GIS Planning Software

Eddata Attendance Zone Boundary Change Report

GIS Services

GIS Services

Planware has been helping school districts take advantage of GIS technology for decades. In that time, we’ve uncovered many uses of GIS that don’t always fit neatly into the confines of Boundary Planning or Enrollment Forecasting. Some of those include:

  • Geocoding students
  • Statistical reports
  • Demographic studies

Enrollment Forecasting

Enrollment Projection Studies

“Student enrollment projections are perhaps one of the most talked about yet least understood components of school district planning, but every district has to prepare its projection in some way for hiring teachers and assigning classrooms for the coming year.” (K.D. Carey, School District Master Planning, p.55)

Our enrollment projection studies help districts make better decisions while optimizing resources.

Boundary Planning

Boundary Planning Services

Are any of the following situations something your district is experiencing?

  • Enrollment growth or decline is creating the need for changes in school attendance boundaries.
  • You need to populate a new school or close a school and reassign students.
  • New transportation policies require you to reassign some students to different schools.

These situations—and many others like them—are real and commonplace in a school district planner’s world. Leverage our expertise to help plan for change in school boundaries.

Planware is a division of Educational Data Systems.