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In order to stay current on all developments in the education community, we at Educational Data Systems stay up to date on news, laws, opinions, and other resources related to education. Below are some of our favorite online resources to keep ourselves—and you—actively informed.

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Conferences and Workshops

California Educational Research Association

Educational Data Systems is a proud member and sponsor of the California Educational Research Association. Dr. Mark Moulton, our Director of Research, Evaluation, and Psychometric Development, regularly presents at the annual CERA conference. Join the many of us in the Assessment and Research world who attend the conference each year.

International Objective Measurement Workshop

The International Objective Measurement Workshop is a conference hosted by the Institute for Objective Measurement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing understanding to the science of measurement. Our Director of Research, Evaluation, & Psychometric Development is a conference organizer, as well as committee member and presenter.

California’s Coalition for Adequate School Housing

C.A.S.H. hosts a long-running conference dedicated to school facilities. You’ll find everything from AstroTurf to moveable elevators to our software-as-a-service product, LocateMySchool™. We’ve met many dedicated educators and planners at the annual event and have valued the opportunity to participate in the conference as a vendor.

California Association of School Business Officials

The CASBO conference is all about the business of running a school district. And as a business that offers services to the education industry, it’s a great fit for us. It’s important to hear what’s happening on the business side of education and how running an efficient school district impacts the success of students.

Association of California School Administrators

The Association of California School Administrators is the largest organization of school leaders in the U.S. It hosts several conferences throughout the year, serving the goals and needs of educators through workshops and symposiums on leadership.

Innovations in Testing Conference

The Innovations in Testing Conference is an annual event hosted by The Association of Test Publishers (ATP). ATP is dedicated to improving the integrity of assessments and hosts the annual conference to allow test developers to meet in order to further that goal.

Tools and Background Information

Environmental Systems Research Institute

ESRI’s GIS (geographic information systems) mapping platform helps users understand and visualize data to make informed decisions based on the best analysis possible. We’ve integrated the ESRI GIS platform with our custom software to help with boundary planning, enrollment forecasting, and demographic studies; but those are just a few of the many ways it can be used. ESRI connects people with maps, data, and apps through a location platform that’s readily accessible.

California Department of Education Facilities

Our planning solutions focus on boundaries and enrollment, but our friends at the California Department of Education have a wealth of information on a variety of school planning topics.

Rasch Measurement

Educational Data Systems develops psychometric tools, with a special emphasis on the Rasch model and handling multidimensionality, to meet the shifting demands of evolving standards.

National Council on Measurement in Education

The NCME is one of the most well-known assessment and psychometrics society and conference today. They also have a lot of resources correlate to the kind of work we do.

Groups and Industry News

Education Week

EdWeek, a news portal focused on K–12 education, is a great resource for keeping up with developments in the world of education.


EdSurge provides great resources to people who choose, use, manage, implement or build edtech.


Associated with Lucas Education Research, Edutopia shares daily news stories and best practices to aid in improving education. It’s a terrific resource for educators looking for innovative ideas.


SmartBrief is a leading publisher of online news for industry professionals.

California Department of Education

Educational Data Systems has worked with the California Department of Education for 25 years on distinguished projects such as the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) and the Reading First Statewide Evaluation. The CDE website is a valuable resource for both parents and educators in the state.

Privacy Technical Assistance Center

Rapid advances in education technology increasingly give rise to privacy and security issues. We take our responsibility as stewards of student data very seriously. PTAC provides guidance on how to safeguard student privacy.

U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education website is frequently updated and has no shortage of information on the constantly changing landscape of student education.

National Center for Education Statistics

The NCES is the main federal entity for collecting and analyzing education-related data. If you’re interested in how data is collected, reported, and used, or if you wish to view publicly available educational data, this is a great place to start.

Council of Chief State School Officers

CCSSO works toward transforming public education in the areas of Workforce, Data, Next Generation Learners, and Standards, Assessment, and Accountability.

Education Commission of the States

ECS is a policy group dedicated to bringing states together to advocate for educational changes.

Green Business Program Initiative

Bay Area Green Business
The students of today deserve to experience earth’s beauty tomorrow and beyond. We strive to ensure that happens. That’s why—for over a decade—Educational Data Systems has been a Certified Bay Area Green Business. We do everything from recycling batteries to using organic cleansers in order to protect the earth for future generations. Here is a list of websites that support that same mission: